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Who is your sales point of contact?

Jake Landers, Practice Manager, Civilian and Commercial Programs



What is your service?

Kratos SecureInfo is an accredited FedRAMP 3PAO and provides advisory and assessment services. We work with CSPs to ensure their readiness to proceed with the 3PAO assessment process, as well as conduct assessments to secure the cloud with confidence.

Our services include:

Which CSPs have used your service?

Kratos SecureInfo’s team has 20 years of experience providing cybersecurity assessments and validations for the government and CSPs.

We have successfully led hundreds of engagements leading to a full ATO. Our experts have performed extensive information security work with industry leading CSPs including Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Dell and many more.

The following CSPs have worked with us to receive a JAB provisional authorization:

About your company

Kratos SecureInfo is Kratos' dedicated business group of professionals providing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.

We help secure IT environments with confidence. We address your industry’s unique cybersecurity regulations and threats, whether you’re a cloud service provider, healthcare organization, government agency, or enterprise.

Based on our extensive experience and expertise, we support all aspects of the information security spectrum - from cloud security, healthcare compliance, continuous monitoring to risk management.

Kratos SecureInfo is an accredited FedRAMP Third Party Assessment Organization (3PAO), a corporate member of the Healthcare Compliance Association (HCCA), and an independent Agent of the Certifying Authority (ACA) for the Air Force.

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Six Major Challenges and Recommendations for FedRAMP Success

Why go with your company?

There are many accredited 3PAOs, but only a few that have successfully led several CSPs through the FedRAMP process to a full ATO. Kratos SecureInfo is one of those 3PAOs.

Industry leading CSPs including Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Dell, CGI Federal and many more rely on us to secure their cloud with confidence.

Our experience navigating this process several times provides us with unique insight. We have an intimate knowledge of the process and strong relationships that help CSPs avoid time consuming and costly pitfalls and streamline the process to gaining an ATO. Call us to learn more 888.677.9351.